Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Nothing better than a kitty in the lap

Especially when I'm just finished exercising and the purr was already on before I touch him! No doubt he's begging but who knows...he may just want to have company now. Definitely know I've spoiled him that much since his surgery. XD

Speaking of the surgery, he's gotten very much better. No longer sleeping all day, after the medicine they used to put him under--I remember what that was like after my own surgery, nearly 7 years ago. And I believe I mentioned somewhere about how happy he was to not have to wear that collar anymore. 
His ears are nearly completely pink on the areas that the veterinarian cut the cartilage from, so that's good too.

And he did forgive me for the Cone he had to wear, once he was certain that he wasn't in any kind of trouble. Poor fellow! He about got to thinking that he was always in trouble because we had to get his collar on him RIGHT after he ate so that he wouldn't try to clean his stitches off. 

So yeah. Hopefully the final update on his surgery. XD

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