Friday, November 22, 2013


Was complaining well enough the other day for lack of meds. I got a two week supply yesterday, so I think it ought to handle til the 4th of next month. Both the Gilenya Go and doctor's office have managed to get that shipped here. 

I guess after that, maybe I'll only have to do without until the first of next year. Of course I look at the bad side. *eyeroll* It's just as possible that they can do something and straighten medicaid out for awhile. I'm still not over that, by the way. "You're only allowed 11 months worth of your MS medicine! But we refuse to give you the 11th and 12th months worth!" 
You'd think they'd at least admit that their higher ups are frickin moronic, not realizing that they'll be paying a lot more if I go into the hospital for a week. 

...I honestly wish that there was a generic of Gilenya now, so they wouldn't have such a blasted tantrum. If they do this next year, I just dunno. It's not like I can fire Medicaid, after all! And my doctor would prefer if I don't go back to the shots because those guaranteed a week in the hospital between spring and summer and then one later in the year between fall and winter. 

On that. I'm so sick of everyone snarking about "Obamacare" this, "Obamacare" that. At this point, don't you think it's all of Congress' fault?! None of them read it, whatever reason they had, they refused to read and now that anything is trying to happen, they're all up at each other's throats! So let's just start calling it CongressCare and see how fast the frickin pea brains get to work! 
After all, if all of them were blamed, maybe they'd all get at least a hair worried that they could be fired during the next voting session.

Granted that's probably nothing but a stupid dream. I've been for everyone being fired and replaced for ages--they're all too old for current issues, they're all refusing to listen to the people who put them in office after the fact, and they're all too damn moronic to ever get along and actually get something done about this clusterfool action they're fighting over!
Like I said. Stupid dream. We're too busy picking the best of the worst to ever get anything like that started. 

Honestly, I hope everyone's having a better day than my fussing and ranting says about mine. ^^; And double sorry on having two posts of nothing but fussing. That was never the intention of this blog at all. I'm pretty sure that I'll have some new art to throw on here soon!


  1. Sometimes, I think I dictatorship would be better, even as unlikely as their being benevolent is.

    1. I half wonder if we don't have a mockery dictatorship as it stands sometimes--just that it's not only 1 person in charge at the moment and the US'd go after everyone if any of the rights are thrown out. ><;