Sunday, October 20, 2013

Pictures and their stubborn minds...

Isn't this a good job, take and get outta posting schedule! ^^; I've finally gotten back to toying with Norux and Reliah after some encouragement (and I don't know if he minds me posting his dA username). So I was asking for that yesterday and today I sorta discovered what the picture had wanted to begin with (as if I hadn't said that 2 times already XD).

(Update in post "Jobs and Updates")

Naturally I'd put a huge piece of grass where it shouldn't have been at all. Right now the mistake lives til I mow it back down. 
What aggravates me most about this picture is that it had been showing me for ages what may fit the best there and I was too blind to see it! I mean, look at the version in "Figure Update and tired rambling". See that faintly glowing bit behind the two of them? It was suggesting itself RIGHT THERE and I wasn't paying any attention at all. 

I might erase and and redo the background now that I know what to play with. I'm just not so sure about having fire pokemon so near this water. But I suppose the Rapidash should be fine since the water isn't attacking...Either way, SO glad that the breakthrough has finally been found. >< Tis just finally time to bring it properly together~

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