Monday, October 7, 2013


Minecraft's "Tinker's Construct" is terrible. Awful. Horrible and evil! Whyyyyy did I start a new file on Direwolf20's 1.5 v2 v1.1.3? I have someone to shake tomorrow. XD
Although the game in itself is fun. But I'm a crazy for agreeing to get into this! I don't know how to anything with it. Blah having to learn. *giggle* 

Seriously. I can't even find out how to make one of the building things, if there's anything fancy needed. I should have a book (in game) about it, don't look forward to learning right now. Just blah! XD It's frustrating as all sap at the moment! 


  1. I've never heard of this "Tinker Construct" thing, but if you point me in a direction, I might see if I can help you puzzle it out...

    1. I can honestly tell you that I've not fully started at all. XD Still trying to build what I need to start and not doing so well. ^^; BUT here's a minecraft wiki about it:'s_Construct