Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Finally home

And as good as the doctors, nurses, and techs were; good as the food was, I'm so happy to be out of that caffeine free place. Especially happy to get back into a real bed instead of a moveable brick...

Can also get back to work on pictures again. I don't know what's so hard about remembering to pack and take my tablet with me, but I never do. They allow such, so it's perfectly fine to take the thing. Blah. It woulda been nice to have more than just TV and Internet--and there isn't enough room on that little bedside table to have anywhere to mouse draw. 

Grumbling aside, the nurse who put the IV port in the back of my hand? She was the best one to have done it yet--and she said I was the one who did well to keep that hand still. She's the one who didn't have to search and dig around to find the vein! 
On top of that, there was another nurse who helped out when I had to come back for something I'd forgotten. She actually went up to the room I was in, grabbed the plastic bag that I had my hairbrush and a few things in a bedside counter, and came out to the truck to give it to us. We didn't have to come back inside or anything.

So yes. If you're ever in Alabama or haveta go into the hospital and are close enough? I definitely recommend Huntsville Hospital.

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