Monday, April 8, 2013

About external hard drives...

I'm very interested in buying one! ...not only cause I only have 1gb of memory in my flash drive... *cough* 

Someone's recommended a couple but I'd love to hear anything about them! Are they difficult to deal with? Do they have to stay plugged into the computer? If I could put it in my room until I use it, it'd be great! And soon, I should have the money to buy one. (So I hope. XD)

Would be a perfect place to put my artworks/finished xcfs and other musics!


  1. (I hope you see this, I've had to change things to where it's moderated. Dang spambot...)

    Wow. How old is he, if this one was half price?

  2. Hmm... let's see now... *draws numbers in the air*

    Max is maybe 4 or 5 years old? I think... I'm somewhat surprised I haven't filled it yet. I'm something of a digital packrat.

    (Must be nice, having spammers think you're worthy. I turned off auto-moderation and required log-in, trying to encourage people to comment. No such luck.)

  3. So it's gonna take forever to fill a 1TB. I accept that challenge for the 2tb that I'm gonna buy.

    Was the 'packrat' syndrome before or after the drive? I may get worse! XD

  4. Then I'll just be happy that it will do its job! ^^ Thank you so much for talking with me on this!