Friday, September 7, 2012

Just talking

Well, I did edit  the Valeon picture, here, but I've gotta squeal about something else entirely. School is starting! I'm going to be training to work in phlebotomy--'vampire' in a simpler term. My classes are even at night. XD

Stars I hope I'll be as good for someone as the ones were for me when I was needing admitted into the hospitals. ><

But that's jumping a bit ahead. Right now I'm worrying about how it actually goes on the first day of school because I can't remember. In college, isn't the first day of school to just get oriented/buy books and whatever else? Because if I'm late on that, I swear that's a bad way to start! @@

I ask please that you either pray for me or wish me luck that my MS doesn't screw everything over. I only go to class until February fifth, so if I have a spell that is going to kill a whole week.  That just can't happen and if I have a choice, it won't!

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