Sunday, August 19, 2012

A couple of tests.

I hope I get used to making these again--used to have a couple of sites (Chaotic Realms and Chaotic Realms2) that I would post small background images for sprite comics. It's been near forever since I've tried to make some backgrounds, since the image host was pulled into another site and it deleted every one I'd had, but...
Well, this is what happened with two tests, in the order I made them!

It'd be interesting to see if I can't figure out how I did things--and yes, I see plenty of errors in both backgrounds right now. ^^; 
If I do get to fixing more of these though, I'll have to make another page for them. XD They'll never be found otherwise, in between other art!

...if, for some odd reason, you want to use these two in a sprite comic? Feel free to edit them but mention you got these from SSC, if you would please. 

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