Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rant! (edited April 2)

You know, doesn't this just figure? Get ready to get to coloring on a piece and then the program decides to frick itself every direction but right. Somehow it locked itself out of its own layers! And yes, this is whining and it's stupid since this happened yesterday, GIMP was my favorite program though! The first one that I ever learned. I don't know another one to swap to--can you believe that GIMPShop did the exact same lockout?

I've been searching for ways to fix this but nothing seems to be doing any good at all. Dammit. Pure dammit. 

I've found a small program that's good for lineart (until I find something else to completely work on anyway), at least there's's so freaking frustrating!

Edit: April 2
...I didn't even notice I posted that rant on the first of April. XD I promise it wasn't an april fool! Whatever the case though, someone helped me figure out what was going wrong--the program works now! It's great! @@ And the good news about that 'stop'? Paint.NET is actually pretty good for lineart, even if I can't figure out how to do anything else! So that one definitely stays.

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